Why Portugal


The term immigration brings mixed feelings to each one of us. On one hand, it’s a sense of loss as one decides to leave her country of birth and chooses another country to call her own. On the other hand, the plethora of possibilities brighten up your eyes. Indians have for long been migrating to USA, Canada, Australia and UK. Portugal is the new kid on the block.

This is a lucrative proposition for Indians today for multiple reasons.


Having worked in India for 10..20..30..years, the rewards we enjoy are-

  • Professional friends
  • Tired mind and body
  • Financial liabilities
  • Uncertain future

Let me take you to Portugal, you work for 15 years and enjoy the rewards as-

  • Friends and family time
  • No work pressure
  • Fit mind and body
  • Financial assets
  • Secure future and so much more…..

The Portuguese Govt. offers you one of the fastest process of PR and Citizenship. One does not have to wait for a PR or even TRC to get access to

  • Family healthcare services
  • Free education services
  • Unemployment benefits

The SSN services start within a quarter of landing in Portugal and your support services get activated. All one needs to do is to work, pay taxes and enjoy life.


Portugal has been registered as one of the highest public service providing government during the times of Covid19. The OPD/IPD , testing and vaccination was impeccable. When the rest of the world was seen crying on our TV screens, we did not see any such visuals from Portugal. This is not only in the times of crisis, this is an everyday effort the government makes ensuring good health and well-being of the citizens. The best part of it is that all this was free of cost for one and all in Portugal.


Crime and violence across the globe has been a major concern in recent times. It will not be an exaggeration to say that being ranked 3rd in terms of social safety, one does not witness any incidents of crimes on a day to day basis in Portugal. Violence based on race, sex, gender and ethnicity is not even found in conversations here. All one needs to do is to contribute to this safety system by being a law abiding citizen otherwise the government is not kind to any.

There are many more reasons to support your decision but for sure these are our everyday markers in the priority list. Your decision to move to Portugal will at least ease you of all this and you will have the time, efforts and resources to allocate to making your life better.

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