Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a legal way to stay and work in the country, with no investment involved in the process. And benefits like free education till class 12th, free healthcare, pollution free environment, with Mediterranean climate.

Anyone who has a valid passport and good educational and professional background

You can apply for Portugal PR by just providing copies of your passport And your CV to us with a small, token amount to start the process.

Yes, you can bring all your family to Portugal. Husband can bring their parents and wife can bring their parents as well. We will file for the parents separately and cost will be additional to the package.

This is the beauty of this program that there is no age criteria for it like other countries have.

No minimum education is not a criteria but you should have some technical knowledge to get into a job, to run your taxes.

No, it is not mandatory to learn Portuguese. In order to get employed, language is not a showstopper. But if your interest is to work in Teaching profession, Medical profession, front desk, then you need to know A1 and A2 level of Portuguese.

Yes, At the time of appointment our legal team will assist you.


Yes, till the time you receive your first temporary residence card which you get within 14 to 18 months, you cannot do country exit.


Yes, Child above 18 will be filled separately, as adults.

the basic documents are three month of your salary slip, last two years of your ITR, travel history, if any! And three month of your bank statement

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