Financial consultancy in Portugal

Financial Advisor in Portugal

If you want to spend your rest of your retirement days in a beautiful place other than your native country then Portugal is one such retirement destination you should really consider about. Portugal is a perfect expat destination. Some of them move there to work, Most move to retire to enjoy the warm and humid climate and enjoy the golf course. But it is important getting the best financial advice to maximize your financial health as an expat in Portugal. We are a group of Entrepreneurs & Business owners from Portugal who are successfully running Hostels, Language school in Lisbon & Cost De Caparica, with more then 25+ years of experience in setting up businesses under Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model. Established in the year 2008, with the aim of providing services related to Business Investment, Business Setups and Immigration Services with the help of European Lawyers. Trivial Chapter has helped many global investors who have successfully opened their businesses, such as Hostels, Retail, Saloon, Electronic shops as well as high end boutique shops in prominent parts of Portugal.
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  • Business Investment in Portugal
  • Business Setups in Portugal
  • Immigration Services in Portugal
  • Business Acquisitions in Portugal
  • Business Mergers in Portugal

Portugal Expat Financial Advice

Regardless of your age or working status, you must have to consider taking good financial advice to make the most of your money. We can show you various options that you may have missed and point out all the tax and investment pitfalls that might cost you. Here, we will provide some of the financial facts you should know when living as an expat in Portugal. Some of these general tips are on living anywhere and some are specific to Portugal.Always remember that expat finances are more than finding out how to pay less tax.Your finances cover many other aspects of your life and also for your family and your loved ones and often, tax is a small part of a much bigger picture.

Why expats staying in Portugal need a financial plan?

Every expat needs a good financial plan that makes the most out of their money, whichever way they decide to save or spend.We all have different financial resources and ideas about how to spend them.A financial plan is about what we want to do with our money we are having now and will be in the future.You can think of as an example that working with a financial adviser is like having a GPS device to guide you. We will always be guiding you at every steps in the journey to reassure you that you are turning in the right direction and warn you against any problems ahead so you can take the appropriate action. We will not only assist you in making a carefully thought Financial Plan but also the execution support is also on us.

How we will support you in Financial Consultancy?

  • We will navigate you through your different life stages by devising and recommending strategies to make the most of your money.
  • We will stand by your side to cast an unemotional eye over what’s happened and to suggest how to move on financially.
  • We will point out your options, discuss the good and bad points of each alternative, but we will ask you to decide the final financial decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

11% flat tax on your income.

No, it will be part of your social security.

Anywhere between 5-6L is good to maintain for three months, prior to visa appointment.

Usually, there is no such requirement, but if we VFS ask you for any such thing, our team will prepare you for that.

This is the beauty of this program that there is no age criteria for it like other countries have.

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